About Wicks

Tired of blurred vision or stinging eyes from sweat?

Wicks are small adhesive strips that you apply directly above your eyebrows to channel sweat away from your eyes. Unlike the unreliable sweat bands and do-rags created decades ago, Wicks provides a comfortable and cutting edge design that actually works.

Standard helmet pads, bandanas and headbands are often too bulky, uncomfortable and eventually become saturated with sweat rendering them useless. Wicks are designed to work during any activity. Whether you are jogging, playing basketball, rock climbing or engaged in good ole manual labor you no longer have to experience the blurred vision and stinging  sensation of sweat dripping in your eyes.

For the fashion conscious at heart, Wicks comes in a variety of colors that won’t dampen your style. Choose a skin tone that blends in with the color of your skin or for the more bold/adventurous type there are multiple color options to choose from.

Wicks are safe to use made from surgical grade bandaging materials that are durable enough for extending use. Some of the other advantages Wicks provide; they are comfortable, light weight, inexpensive, cutting edge design, does not interfere with a helmet, convenience of a single use product, compact and easily stores anywhere. You will probably forget you are wearing them.

Unfortunately you can’t stop sweat from happening, but with Wicks you can divert sweat from reaching your eyes in a simple and convenient way